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Buying insurance is really buying ‘peace of mind’. So, it’s important that the insurance you buy will do exactly what you need it to.

We find out about your circumstances and explore your plans for the future. Then we’ll recommend insurances that solve your worries, should the worst happen.

  • Peace of mind
  • Save money
  • Save time
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Life Insurance

At its simplest, life insurance will pay out a sum of money to your loved ones if you die. This is to give you peace of mind that basics such as your mortgage, child care costs, and even funeral expenses, are taken care of when you’re not around.

There are many different types of life insurance available for both couples and families:

  1. Mortgage life insurance
  2. Family life insurance

We’ll look at your mortgage (or rent payments), bills and family costs and then recommend cover that is perfect for you.

Critical Ilness

Critical illness insurance will pay a lump sum of money to you if you suffer from a serious illness, such as cancer or heart attack. This lump sum of money can be used for many purposes such as:

  1. To keep your home
  2. To afford additional expenses
  3. To make changes to your home
  4. Repaying other debts

As with life insurance, there are many different types of critical illness insurances available. We will look at your circumstances to understand what cover is right for you.

Income Protection

Income protection is an insurance policy that pays you money each month in replacement of your normal income, if you cannot work due to:

  1. Sickness
  2. Accidents
  3. Injuries

This tax-free monthly income would be used to pay all your monthly outgoings, in the same way your usual income would.

Home Insurance

We are proud to work alongside multi award winning Derby firm, Safe & Secure, to offer you market leading home insurance cover:

  1. Buildings Insurance
  2. Contents Insurance
  3. Buy to Let Property Insurance

You’ll get access to exclusive rates and a fee free professional advice service, which continues throughout the lifetime of your cover; something no comparison site can provide.

Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance (PMI) gives you quick access to private facilities and treatments. It can help to:

  1. Pay for any high, unexpected private medical bills you may need covered. This could be anything from physiotherapy sessions to major heart surgery
  2. Plays an important role in funding the early diagnosis of critical conditions

We’ve teamed up with award winning insurance company, VitalityHealth, to provide this cover. With a range of options, plus a rewards programme to help you focus on better health, our experts can advise you on cover that is perfect for you.

Business Insurance

At Hollybeck we offer a number of insurances for your business.

These include:

  1. Key Personnel Insurance
  2. Shareholder Insurance

Please contact us on 01332 416 470 for more information.

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Insurance isn’t just about the money anymore. Insurers give you benefits that are useful even if you don’t need to claim.

Complementary physio, counselling, therapy treatments and discounts on many everyday items are just some of the additional benefits on offer, giving you more value from your cover.

Our experts can match you to cover that is perfect for you.

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