You might be asking yourself why you should use Hollybeck when your other choices are to go directly to a bank or building society, or another broker.

We are part of a mortgage club that gives us access to some of the best interest rates out there. These exclusive mortgage rates are not found on the high street. We literally have thousands of mortgage deals to look through, to get you the best deal.

Some mortgages look fantastic on the face of it; offering a strikingly low interest rate to attract you. But you also need to consider the fees to set it up. If the fees are high, this could eat into any savings from the low rate. Using our clever software we can find the cheapest mortgage for you, taking into account the interest rate and set up fees.

Every mortgage company has its own criteria when it assesses whether you can have a mortgage. If one says no, another might say yes. Our experience knows who is going to be best placed to give you a mortgage. This will save you wasting time by applying to the wrong mortgage company. It could also save you money, as some mortgage companies take an upfront fee to process your application which is non-refundable.

Are your circumstances a little bit complicated?

If you have been turned down by a high street lender, don’t despair – there are many lenders who are prepared to look at mortgages on a case by case basis. We see many clients who have unique circumstances. Because of our links to non high street lenders we might still be able to help.

Based on our experience, we know what questions to ask you so the mortgage isn’t going to throw up any nasty surprises further down the road. You might be planning to move home in a few years, so need a mortgage that is flexible. Or you might need to repay a lump sum and you don’t want hefty penalties. Whatever your plans, our advice will make sure these are thought about and taken into consideration when we recommend a mortgage.

Getting to grips with the paperwork

Mortgage companies really want to get to know you and your finances before they offer you a mortgage. It’s nothing to worry about, though. If you were going to lend your mate a few hundred quid, we’re pretty sure you’d only give it to her if you knew she could afford to pay you back. A mortgage lender feels exactly the same. They’ll need quite a bit of paperwork from you. They’re very strict on what they will and won’t accept, so we check everything thoroughly to make sure it’s exactly what they need, and then we submit everything to them. Getting the paperwork right first time definitely speeds up the mortgage process. In fact, some lenders won’t even start processing until they have everything they need.

Flexible Appointments

We always do our best to fit around your life when it comes to appointments. We understand life can be pretty hectic, so evening and weekend appointments are available.

Usually we’ll see you in the comfort of your own home, or at work; all we ask for is a nice cup of tea! If it’s easier to do things by phone, email or Skype, we’re happy to do that too.

Once you ask us to help you with the mortgage you can trust us to get on with it. Our administration team will make sure things move smoothly and that the mortgage is in place as quickly as possible. We’ll also liaise with others in the process – like solicitors and estate agents. There might be a few bumps in the road, that’s life after all, but we do our best to resolve things as efficiently as possible. We always keep in touch so you know what’s happening. We don’t think there is anything more frustrating than not knowing what’s going on.

We’d like to think that over the years we’ve become good friends with many of our clients – helping them through life’s ups and downs. We know that when you come to us, you don’t really want a mortgage – it’s the new home you want, or it’s the goal of being mortgage free one day. We take your finances very seriously. We’re a helping hand to help you reach your goals. We always stay in touch with you, reviewing your mortgage until the day comes when you’re mortgage free…. Hurrah!!