We offer a first class mortgage service; from our initial consultation and advice, right through to the mortgage completing.

We are happy to visit you in your place of work or home and you won’t pay for your initial consultation.

If you decide that you’d like us to help with your application, we’ll charge a fee of £395* to cover our administration costs.

This is paid in two parts:

  1.  A first installment of £95 when we start. This fee is non-refundable and payable on application.
  2. A second installment of £300 once you complete your mortgage.

*These amounts are subject to change. These charges apply to each mortgage contract you enter into through us. Once you’ve spoken to an adviser and provided details on your specific requirements, we’ll confirm the exact fee to be paid and when it will be collected.

On most mortgage applications we receive a commission fee from the lender on completion. This is separate from our administration fee and is an additional fee we receive.

Why do we charge fees?

Most mortgage brokers now charge a fee for their services. In our case, this is for a few reasons:

To offer a personal service

We like to spend enough time with you to make sure you understand the mortgage you are taking. We’re not a “sell ‘em cheap, stack ‘em high” brokerage – our attention to detail and personal service is something we take great pride in.

To get things right

Over the past few years there have been many changes within the financial services industry. The amount of paperwork that we have to collect and check through has risen dramatically. This takes a lot of time.

They say you get what you pay for. You can be confident that we’ll really care about getting things right for you.