Most insurance companies pay your broker (including online comparison sites) a commission for setting up and administering the policy. This commission is built into the monthly amount you pay for your insurance.

As we are whole of market our commission rates are lower. This means we can often offer cheaper premiums than many of our competitors.

Banks, building societies, and some other brokers choose to offer insurance from a single insurance company, or a very small selection. Because of this exclusivity the insurance company pays them a higher commission. This means you could pay more than you would with Hollybeck – for exactly the same policy.

Insurance isn’t just about the money anymore. Insurers give you benefits that are useful even if you don’t need to claim. Benefits such as worldwide treatment options, counselling services, rehabilitation & bereavement help – even discounted gym membership.

We offer insurance from the whole market so we can find you an insurance product that is exactly right for what you need. This means you’ll get an insurance product that has features you’d really benefit from.

Buying insurance is really buying ‘peace of mind’. So, it’s important that the insurance you buy will do exactly what you need it to.

We get to know how you feel about things that could go wrong. We find out about your circumstances and explore your plans for the future. Then we’ll recommend insurances that solve your worries, should the worst happen.

We’ll do the paperwork

We will do the application forms for you and get the policy started as soon as we can. Sometimes you might need a medical examination, or the insurance company may write to your GP, for information on a medical condition you may have disclosed. We will make sure these are processed in a timely manner so that your application doesn’t drag on and become frustrating; which, believe us, does happen.

There might be other paperwork that needs completing, such as Trust forms. We can advise you on this and complete the paperwork.

Claims that aren’t paid are sometimes due to an application not being completed honestly or correctly. We make sure the right forms are completed so that your policy is set up correctly. We hope you never need to claim, but if you do we’re here to help with the claims process.

We’d like to think that over the years we’ve become good friends with many of our clients. We know that when you come to us, you don’t really want insurance – it’s the peace of mind and protection of your family that you want. We take your finances very seriously. We’re a helping hand to help you reach your goals. We always stay in touch with you, reviewing your insurances until the day comes when you no longer need them.