About Us

We’re mortgage & insurance brokers. And we love it!

Because we love it so much, we really care. And, because we care so much our clients love us back. It’s like a circle of loveliness.

We got Hollybeck off the ground in November 2015, but fear not, we’ve got years of experience.

Having worked together for many years previously, at Mortgage Advice Bureau and then Oviso, a social cup of coffee ended with us deciding it would be a great idea to open a brokerage together!

It always sounds a bit insincere when you say that you really love your job, but over the years we’ve come to realise what a worthwhile service we offer to our clients.

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of clients to fulfill their property dreams. We’ve also helped hundreds of clients protect themselves and their families. We hope our clients never have to claim on their insurances; but lots of them have. It feels rewarding to know we have made a difference to their lives.

And that’s why we love it so much.

Let’s get personal

Sarah Fullaway Hollybeck

Sarah Fullaway

Director, Mortgage & Protection Adviser

I see clients on a daily basis; helping them to get a mortgage and advising them on their finances. As an experienced business protection adviser I also spend time with business owners advising them how they can protect their business if people die or get ill.

I have been advising clients for over 15 years and over those years I have come to realise what an important job we do. Helping people to move home, save money, protect their families….money is such a massive deal to most people. If I can help my clients make sense of it and make it work for them, then it’s really rewarding.

I know we’re not saving the world, or helping the needy, but hopefully we make a real difference to our client’s lives.

Our industry has a reputation for not being personal and engaging. I’m really trying to change that!

Sadly, a few of my clients have needed to claim due to death or illness. Knowing that the policies I set up for them is going to help them, at such a devastating time, makes me feel proud that I do what I do.

All sorts! I’ve had a half-hearted attempt at being a regular triathlete, and completed a half ironman in 2014 which I’m very proud of. Nowadays it’s more likely you’ll find me on two wheels cycling around the hills of Derbyshire. I love a good book and also quite enjoy writing.

I’ve walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. How I survived the chemical toilets I’ll never know.

Fiona Hollybeck

Fiona Todd

Director, Mortgage & Protection Adviser

I work closely with my clients to find them the best mortgage or insurance products for their circumstances. I also work with businesses, advising them on how to protect themselves in case any of their staff or directors become ill or die.

I love helping my clients make sense of the whole mortgage process. I’m passionate about advising them on what they can do protect themselves and their family if they are ill or the worst happens. When a customer finally gets the keys to their new family home, knowing that I’ve helped them to get there is very satisfying.

Doing a great job for my clients and knowing I’ve made a difference. I hope that my clients never need to claim on the insurance policies I set up for them, but if they do, I would be proud my advice has made a difference to them and their family.

When I’m not spending time with my husband and son I love to keep fit, so I enjoy running or going to the gym. We’ve just had a puppy, called Pippa, so we’re enjoying the excitement of having a new addition to our family! Generally, I love to eat good food, drink good wine & spend time with family & friends.

Not much really, I’m a bit of an open book, but I am great at the ‘After Eight’ dinner mint game and I’m very competitive with myself!